About Us


KTM Techno Solutions was founded in 2015 with a vision to Support and make Rapid Growth on Industrialization of Nation and make some great changes in Industrial World. People around the world always trust KTM Techno Solutions Manufacturing products because of Our Quality and Innovative Products That's why we are one of the best CNC machines manufacturers.

Experience of KTM

In terms of Experience, we have 25+ years in Senior Positions in Machine Tool Industries. We work with more than 500+ clients and in near future many more are joining. We Continue to Focus on R&D so we can serve Best Products to our Customers and Fulfill All Kind of CNC Machines Requirements that they need.

Our Business Include:
  • CNC Turning Center Upto 2 Meters
  • CNC Vertical Turning Lathe Upto 1 Meters
  • TMC Turn Mill Center Upto 1 Meters
  • CNC Milling Machine (VMC) Upto 2 Meters
  • HMC Machine – 400 To 800 Mm
  • DCMC Machines – 2 Meters To 4.5 Meters

We have Available Solution for 1000+ Applications in a Wide Range of Industries Like Pumps & Valves, Automobile, General Engineering, Agriculture, Die and Mould, Oil & Gas, Railways, Defense, Aerospace, Diamond and Jewelry Infrastructure, Power, Tele-communication, Textiles, Medical Etc…

Why KTM Techno Solutions?

Our vision and our qualities guide the decisions and choices our representatives make consistently. Our strategy is based on the foundation of our corporate qualities and will drive our effective improvement before long to accomplish our long-term vision for KTM Techno Solutions to turn into a worldwide Leading Brand.

We are known for very high levels of precision, accuracy, and performance. We are always willing to understand Customer needs By Identifying Appropriate Product Based on Customer Applications and suggestions And All Related Auxiliary Support

KTM Techno Solutions has three Manufacturing plants located in Gujarat, with a strong Sales and Dealers network in PAN India. We also have appoint in short time at 5 international Associate branches in USA, Russia, Turkey, South Africa and Australia.